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Koleksi Cerita Lucah, Buku Lucah, Citer Lucah, Novel Lucah Cerita Seks Melayu Lucah Stim Sangap camping seks

camping seks melayu bogel.comFirst of all,pardon me if I'm using bahasa rojak sebab aku ni bahasa melayu tak berapa fasih sangat I'm not a Malay,but had stayed in Malaysia for 9 years.Enough for me to know how to communicate in the language.

Okay, aku nak cerita tentang experience aku pergi ke engineering camp last summer. We had it at an abandoned mine. Basically kitorang semua pergi camping ni just to have fun and get drunk. Tiada program yang best pon other than a little game in the evening.

So that night,lepas we all berjaya set up a huge bonfire,the drinking started.5 keggers dibawa dari rumah Matty,and tons more alcohol from others.Aku ni memang sangat suka minum hard liquor,and within 2 hours I was already woozy,but sober enough to remember every detail that happened that night.

Perempuan yang join camping tu tak ramai since tak ramai females in engineering in my uni.So there were only about 10 of us out of 80 maybe.So bila kami semua dah mabuk,well,jadi macam girls gone wild lah.All of us took our clothes off and mula menari bogel di atas meja.

Aku semakin horny dan aku dapat rasa clit aku dah mula membengkak dan cipap aku dah basah.Aku pon mula bukak panty aku dan kangkang luas-luas atas meja for everyone to see.Yang lagi best,a lot of the girls followed suit and within seconds,kami semua ada kepala lelaki di celah kangkang kami.Aku tak berapa kenal semua yang jilat cipap
aku malam tu,but there was this one guy who was SO good...dia jilat clit aku yang bengkak with such a can't even describe how good it felt.Aku rasa dia jolok cipap aku sampai guna 4 jari.Sedap felt so fucking good....

And then aku tukar teknik.I began to do some facesitting job.Aku duduk atas muka semua lelaki yang nak jilat cipap aku.Aku letak pussy aku betul2 dekat mulut mereka and grinded my way through.I could feel my clit throbbing on their mouths... sedapnye..... and one guy stuffed a beer bottle up my pussy and slid it in and out sampai aku squirt.At one point aku dah minum banyak sangat,I just had to pee,and kawan perempuan aku terus kangkangkan cipapnya di depan aku to catch my piss in her pussy.Time tu aku perasan banyak camera flash flashing,but I didn't care.Lepas kencing terus sambung projek,and this time I wanted to fuck.

Aku tarik Peter and shoved his large penis in my pussy.And kitorang fuck sepuas2nya atas meja.At this point I couldn't really remember what was happening around me as the alcohol was really getting into me.Yang aku tau I cummed so hard that I squirted a fuckload.Lepas tu ada jugak la some guys yang cleaned me up by licking off my
pussy.And then I passed out.

The next day I woke up in my tent with an unknown guy beside me,and dalam cipap aku ada sebotol Smirnoff cooler stuffed in it.....ahhh.....what a wild camp it as....and I'm looking forward to go to one again this year....

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